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This is a wiki intraComm Documentation. Everyone is encouraged to contribute and improve it and hence other people can use intraComm more easily and efficiently. To edit this Documentation, it is easy, just need to create a user account and login this site ...

How to edit

To become one of authors of this Documentation, it is very easy:

  • First of all, we need create a user account (if NOT yet)
  • After login, go to the page we want to edit
  • Click the edit (button) to edit the page by WYSWYG editor as like as in MS Word
  • If necessary, we can add a link (hyper-link) by Insert/Edit Link
  • Remember to press Save to save our content when finish editing
  • Then all of us can see the page with new content at once

    Figure: Edit the Documentation 

The styles using in the Documentation

We hope the Documentation as a whole use the same styles. We have prepared some styles:

Figure: The Styles used in Documentation

  • Heading (Paragraph <p> Style): To show the heading
  • Subheading (<p> Style): To show the subheading
  • Keyword (Inline <span> Style): For the words we need to pay more attention
  • SpecialTerm (<span> Style):
    • To show some special terms especially used in intraComm
      eg: Notice, Task, and Event are special terms in intraComm
    • To show variable name (in script) or field name
    • May be use this style on the special term only at its first appearance in a page
  • Example (<span> Style):
    • To show an example value of special term or some special string
      eg we can set a Recipient Group called All Users included all users in intraComm
  • Button (<span> Style):
    • To show Button or [Menu] for us to click, the keys eg Enter to press or just to emphasize the mouse click
    • eg [Setting] > [Local Config] means press menu [Setting] and then [Local Config]
  • Script (<span> Style):
    • For script, program code, inputs at command line, file/folder name and a path
    • We should use $ represent for shell command
      eg $ php CMD_InstallDB.php
  • ImageName (<span> Style):
    • To show the image title, eg some style samples are shown at following Figure: The Style Samples
  • Description (<span> Style):
    • For the term needed extra description, eg WYSWYG
    • Using this style, we need to search and replace the string "edit this description in source code at title=..." to your description in source code
  • Reminder (<p> Style): For special things to remind, warning and etc
  • Remark (<p> Style): For the remark
  • NormalParagraph (<p> Style): To remove any styles on paragraph (or block element), but use Remove Format for inline element

    Figure: The Style Samples

The specific terms used in intraComm should start with capital letter eg Message, User and etc

Remark: for example: Message vs message
The term Message refers to one of the most important elements in intraComm, please see Message for details
The term message is a general term, refers to any messages defined in dictionary

If want to create a new Style ...

The above styles may be NOT enough! If we have a suggestion or request a new style, please send the style on the Forum and let us put them on the this site for other authors used.  

How can I put an image on the page?

Remember to put our name on Credits page

Please remember to put our name on Credits page and let all know our works on the Documentation. Thanks for the contributions on the Documentation!