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the backbone of our organization

Our Expectations

Our Expectations

For Entrepreneurs


We hope intraComm can carry out the strategies of an organization successfully by:

  • Reducing misunderstanding among members by channeling more effective and efficient communication
  • Enhance the transparancy of daily operations
  • Retrieving useful and relevant Messages and information swiftly and accurately
  • Strengthening the management of the organization for greater efficiency at lower cost


For Employees


As most of the Users of intraComm will be the staff of the company, we hope:

  • Users can retrieve relevant data timely
  • Users can save the time and resources through the core idea of intraComm - Sharing
  • Simple and familiar operations can help New Users to get used to the intraComm system easily



For Developers


We hope that intraComm is not just a general system with ample functions, but aso a platform for the development of other specialized systems since:

  • It is very secure because it is developed from the situation of public network and public workstation. The communication between server and workstation is 128-bit encrypted, equivalent to the SSL encryption level for web pages. All information saved on workstation is also encrypted
  • It is flexible and expandable for any new business module like customers relationship management and human resources management etc.
  • There are rooms for new functions that facilitates the growth of the organization; for example, we have enhanced the system for the following functions based on the original system:
    • Different view of Message; e.g. Mindmap View
    • Live chat with external parties; e.g. Live Support

Tips: Please visit the Mindmap View example for more details.