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Message: allows you to find all Message [detail ...]

Mail Box: allows you to check your own email [detail ...]

Form: allows you to view and fill all Forms [detail ...]

Today Note: allows you to view all Messages, Events and Tasks happened today or needed to remind today [detail...]

Monthly Note: allows you to view all Messages, Events and Tasks happened in a calendar format [detail ...]

Message Manager: helps you to manage your Messages [detail ...]

Call Direct: allows you to send a message to other User. A new window will be prompted to notify the User [detail ...]

Join Discussion: if there is a discussion in the form of Instant Message and you are one of the readers, you can join the Instant Messaging by Join Discussion

Compose New Message: allows you to compose a Message quickly [detail ...]


Local Config: allows you to set the language and region [detail ...]

Personal Config: allows you to set information such as online status, idle time, get email time, etc. [detail]

Firewall: can filter Users and client computer to login to intraComm [detail ...]

Manage FormType:

Form Info:

Reg Info:

Link Message: Link works like a shortcut in Windows [detail ...]

Notice Record: helps new staff to adapt the new working environment [detail ...]

Live Support Type: allows you to setup Live Support [detail ...]

User Admin

User: can view all Users [detail ...]

Change My Password: allows a User to change the password

Position: can view all Position of the company [detail ...]

Organization Chart: can view the organization hierarchy [detail ...]

Recipient Group: can manage Recipient Group so that it is more convenience to send Message to mutiple Users [detail ...]

Contact: can manage information about an external party [detail ...]

User Property: can manage User Porperty. User Property describes special authority of a User [detail ...]

File Statistics: calculates the number of files and file size.




User can browse the History page here.


User can change language here [detail ...]