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the backbone of our organization

eg: [Form]

[Form] is a special type of Message. It constraints Users to input required information in a specific format. System Administrator can design a specific approval process according to the rule in the organization for each form.

Example: assume tlee submit Leave Application Form and see the flow of Form approval

Form Information

First of all, let us see the information about the Leave Application Form by Setting > Reg Form

Figure: Form information (Screenshot: Demo>Registered Form#10)

From above information, we see, for example:

  • Related Users: Teacher and Clerk can use the Form
  • Time to Remind and Notify Users: A reminder will be send 1 day before the day of the Form to all IC School staffs
  • Total Handler Steps: 2
    • Step 1: Verify by Clerk (ie cleung)
    • Step 2: Accept by Principal (ie pwong)


The flow of Form approval

Depending on above Form information, let us take an example: tlee submit the Leave Application Form to demo the flow of approval.

Figure: The flow of approval Leave Application Form


The Statistical Information of Form

When a lot of staffs apply leave, how can we get the summary/statistical information of the Forms?

Remark: ONLY the Form Handlers can get the summary/statistical information of the Forms

Figure: Get summary/statistical information of the Forms