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the backbone of our organization

eg: [Event]

Event is used to remind ourself or other Users about an event. It has Remind Date, Event Date and End Date. The Users reminded need to click the Aware button to show the awareness of the Event.

Example: pwong reminds cleung for special payroll of coming two months (2011-05-30 and 2011-06-30, assume today is 2011-05-30), we can the periodical Events and the flow of an Event.

Step 1: Compose an Event using pwong's account.

Figure: Compose an Event

Step 2: Fill in the information about the Event.

Figure: Fill in the information about the Event

The Event is created. Now we switch to cleung's account. We can see the Event in Today Note.

Figure: Event in Today Note

The Events created will be shown in cleung's account. It will disppear until the Remind Date after awaring.

Step 3: Aware the Event.

Figure: Aware the Event.

Remark: You can find the hidden Event in Notify Event tab.

Figure: Notify Event tab