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eg: [Task]

Task involves several processes. The first process is to assign a Task. Then, the User assigned with a Task needs to submit a Task Report when he finishes the work. Finally, the Report will be approved and accepted. The flow of the task is shown very clearly in intraComm.

Example: pwong assigns a Task to all Teachers (i.e. tchan and tlee), we can see the flow of Task.

Step 1: Compose a Task using the principal by Communication > Compose New Message, choose [Task] as the Message type

Figure: Compose a Task

Step 2: Fill in the information about the Task.

Figure: Fill in the information about the Task

At this stage, the Task is composed. Now let's switch to a teacher account (tchan or tlee). He will find the Task in Today Note.

Figure: Task in Today Note

Figure: Task

Step 3: Write a Task Report. Click Task Report button and fill in the Report. Add any attachment if necessary.

Figure: Task Report

After submitting the Task Report, the flow bar will show the Task is processing. The Task is closed when the User who created the Task approve it and close it.

Now we switch to the principal account again to approve the Task report.

Step 4: Approve the Task Report. Click Accepted button in the Task Report.

Figure: Approving the Task Report.

After that, in tchan account, the flow bar will show the Task is accepted and the Task for tchan is finished.

Figure: Flow in tchan

However, since tlee has not finished the Task, we will see NOT ALL FINISHED in pwong account.

Figure: Flow in pwong

Step 5: Close the Task when all teachers submitted the Task Report. Remarks can be added by pwong.

Figure: Closing the Task.