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the backbone of our organization

eg: Receive Email

intraComm contain functions like Outlook; that can get our emails from email box and import these emails as internal Messages. In the following sections, we will discuss how we can receive external emails.


Create Mailbox

In order to receive external emails, you should tell the intraComm system about your external email box. In other words, you have to perform some setup. Follow the steps below to create a Mailbox record.

Figure: Create Mailbox

By then, you should be able to receive external emails! Please proceed to the following section on how to function the Mailbox.

Remark: Do NOT forget input password [no 4.Step 4] after create new Mailbox. Hence
-- We can ask technician help us create mailbox without telling him the password
-- Staffs can use the mail boxes but do NOT know the password and they can NOT get the emails by other means


Get emails from Mailbox

System would automatically get the emails from the Mailbox: start from login and then get every period of time. Of course, we get emails at once manually by clicking Get Email button [no 2.1e] or more ... > Get Emails

[following Figure no 4]

The system will get emails by the following ways:

  • automatically get emails from Mailbox whenever an User login
  • manually by choosing Get Email from the Drop-down Menu in the Message Panel

Figure: [Email] Message


Manage Shared Mailbox

How can we assign a group of staffs to manage one Mailbox? It is easy, just to share the Mailbox to the group of staffs.

Figure: Shared Mailbox

For example, eg the Mailbox in Demo, share to the staffs with Position: Clerk and Principal (ie share to both Users: cleung and pwong). Then

  • Every email to, both cleung and pwong can read
  • Every email send from, both cleung and pwong can also read

Figure: Shared Mailbox Demo