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the backbone of our organization

eg: Instant Messaging

Firstly, we should discuss the Memo tab page in Message Panel

Memo in Message Panel

Figure: Memo in Message Panel

We can add discussion/memo about the Message by click Write button [no 1] as following Figure.

Figure: add discussion/memo

Then, the discussion/memo shows on the Memo tab page instantly as following Figure.

Figure: New discussion/memo shows at once

For other Readers, if the Message has a new discussion/memo (has not yet read), a Private Tag # is added and the Memo tab page is changed to red.

Tips: To find out ALL Messages with new discussion/memo, we search them by the Tag with #.

Figure: Message with new discussion/memo

Let us imagine, when other Readers read the Memo online and add discussion/memo together, it become Instant Messenger! So the instant messaging in intraComm is base on Message and ONLY the Readers can join.

For instant messaging, we can change to Instant Messenger format [Figure: Memo in Message Panel no 3] for more convenience.

Figure: Instant Messenger

How to call the Readers to join instant messaging

1. For the Message has posted

To click the Call button [Figure: Memo in Message Panel no 2] and following input dialog is shown.

Tips: The Login Status (eg Login or Logout) of Readers is shown on Reader tab page.

Figure: Call Readers to join instant messaging

After the call submitted, the invited User would see the following dialog at once.

Remark: If the invited User is logout, he will see the dialog when he login

Then the invited User can join the discussion by Communication > Join Discussion as the dialog said.

Figure: Join Discussion

2. For new Message

To compose a new [IM] Message (Communication > Compose New Message) to call a discussion as following.

Figure: Compose a new [IM] Message

Call Direct

The Call Direct (Communication > Call Direct), a little bit likes the net send in Windows, is another type of instant messaging suitable for urgent case. It send a one line text directly to other Users. The text shows in a pop-up dialog. It is instant (within one minute), simple, no record, no feedback.

Figure: The flow of Call Direct

Remark: If the target User is logout, he will see the pop-up message when he login