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eg: Who has read

Who has read the Message? It is very clear.

Background: In the Demo, pwong has posted a Message#62: Who has read this Message

1. Reader in Message Panel

The Reader tab page in Message Panel shows the Reader list of the Message and their Reading Status (eg New or Read and Reader Role: eg Recipient or CC). Only the Users in the list can read the Message. The Reader tab page also shows the Online Status (eg Login or Logout) of Readers

Figure: Reader in Message Panel (Screenshot: Demo>Message#62)

2. Remark in Message Panel

If you are the Author or CC of the Message, you can see more detail in Remark tab page in Message Panel.

Figure: Remark in Message Panel (Screenshot: Demo>pwong>Message#62)

Moreover, the Author and CC can write some remarks at here [no 4]