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the backbone of our organization

eg: Tree Structure of Message

The Messages in intraComm are stored in a tree structure. The Message Tree Diagram is shown at many places: Message Manager, Today Note, Location. We can manage the Messages on the Tree Diagram by right click or drag drop, just like manage files at File Manager in Windows.

Remark: We can Move or Link Message node in the Tree Diagram for classification. We suggest:
-- 1. Compose new Message at Personal Root Folder
-- 2. Move Messages inside your Personal Root Folder for our personal classification
-- 3. Link Messages to outside folder for public classification

1. Message Manager

Open: Communication > Message Manager

Figure: Message Manager

2. Today Note

Open: Automatically open after login or Communication > Today Note

Figure: Today Note

2a. Today Note in Message Panel

Figure: Today Note in Message Panel (Screenshot: Demo>pwong>Message#13)

Remark: The Today Note instances shown on different places are just for convenience

3. Location in Message Panel

Figure: Location in Message Panel (Screenshot: Demo>pwong>Message#13)

Remark: The Location tab page in Message Panel is used to show the child Messages