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Record Detail Panel

The Record Detail Panel is the most important and common control in our System. It uses to browse the records for the Record Type, shows one record in one page, so each field in the record can be shown very clearly. We can search, navigate and perform actions on the records at here.

Let us take a Record Detail Panel for User (called User Detail Panel or User Panel) as an example.

Figure: Record Detail Panel

In general, the Record Detail Panel is composite of:

  • Navigation/Search [no 1]: navigate and search records
  • Large Buttons [no 2]: performat actions on this record (eg modify and delete record) or this Record Type (eg create new record)
    There are some Common Large Buttons which nearly suitable for all Record Type and each Record Type may has its special Large Buttons
  • Title [no 3]: it is Record Title, used to represent this record with general format: [Record Type]: [key field value] eg User: admin (Administrator)
  • Record Detail Info [no 4]: show each field name and field value in the record clearly and sometimes with quick link and the highlights of the record: the Record Reminder.
  • Related Tab List [no 5]: to show other record(s) related to this record. There are mainly two type of tab page:
    • if ONLY one record related to this record, it also show in record detail format called One Record Panel [no 6].
      For example, in the above figure, we can directly see the Position information of the admin clearly
    • if many records related to this record, the records will show in Record List Panel (eg the User Property tab pag [no 5] in the above figure)

One Record Panel

It also shows a record in detail format, likes the Record Detail Info [no 4] in Record Detail Panel. There are only two buttons:

More ... [no 7]: show this record in Record Detail Panel

Modify ... [no 8]: directly modify this record