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Message Search

intraComm provides a lot of means for you to search items. The following describes all search functions generally and provides the most suitable situation for each search function.

Figure: Search in Message page

The following are four methods for searching:


General Search Box

Items including Message, Message Content, Message Attachment, Message Keyword, Message Reader, Contact, User, Recipient Group and Web Site can be Searched by General Search Box.

To search an item, type a keyword in the General Search Box. A list including the items listed above will be shown. You can search by selecting either one item or pressing enter(the default item is Message). Please refer to General Search Box for more information.

Most suitable situation: You only need to find one record and more than one results are found. For example, you want to find the Leave Application Form from a User. Then you can type "Leave Application" in the field. You will find the Form very quickly.

Remarks: You can do a further search by the search button in the browse data window.

Figure: Search button in the browse data window


Navigation and Search

The Navigation and Search field mainly allows you to quick search. Please refer to Navigation and Search for more information. This method will immediately bring you the first result.

Most suitable situation: Only one result will be found. For example, you remember the subject of a Message. Then typing the subject in the Navigation and Search will bring you to the Message immediately.


Search Button

Search Button allows you to set multiple conditions. Please refer to Search Button for more information. The results will be displayed in the bottom panel.

Most suitable situation: You need to find more than one records. Since the results will be displayed in the bottom panel in the same window. After finding and processing one result, you can immediately look for the second one from the panel.


Search Tab

This is the same as Search Button but the results can be shown and temporarily store in Search Tab rather than the InBox Tab.