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the backbone of our organization

Personal Config

Personal Config

Personal Config: [Setting] > [Personal Config]

We can set personal preference here, independent which Client Computer we used.

Online Status: to tell our online status to other online Users

  • Online (default): we are in normal status (ie NOT too busy) and the System will show Idle automatically if we are in idle (ref: Idle Time Interval)
  • BUSY: we are very BUSY and do NOT like chat (instant messages) with other Users and receive Call Direct message (except Urgent message). It also would delay to receive Online-Support call.
    The System will keep to show this status although it is idle (ie when we see other User in BUSY status, he may be busy in using intraComm or busy in doing other things) but it will reset to Online on next login

Language: to set the language, overrided the setting in Local Config, we like to use:

  • (Default): use the Lanuage setting in Local Config

Idle Time Interval: the idle time interval (in seconds) for the System become INACTIVE. We need to input our password again to activate it.

  • 0 (zero): do NOT set the Idle Time Interval ie the System NEVER become inactive althrough idle for a long time. It is strongly NOT suggested

Remind: the System will logout automatically and may LOST unsaved material when it become Idle for about 60 minutes

Get Email Interval: the time interval (also in seconds) to get our own emails from Mail Box automatically.

Search Engines: to select one or more the Search Engines we preferred. The Search Engines are used at Web Site search in General Search Box