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Today Note

What is Today Note?

Today Note is a tree diagram that shows all Messages of the User. It mainly contains six child nodes:

Figure: Today Note

Remark: Today Note is a tree diagram with Root Node of today's date. 


There are several ways to open the Today Note diagram:

  • shown automatically when an User login
  • shown on the Related Tab List when an User open the Message Panel
  • open directly by clicking Communication > Today Note in the main menu


As mentioned, Today Note contains six child nodes, named Title Nodes to store important, should be notified, frequently used Messages. The following is a description of these Title Nodes.


Important Messages

Messages with Tag ★/◆/☆/◇ or Draft Messages will appear here. Sometimes, you may see some Tags beyond the Messages, for more details on the Tags, you should refer to the the Message Tags section.

There are serveral points to note:

  • for Messages with Private Tag: ★ (Important) or ◆ (In Progress), ONLY the User himself/herself can see these Messages under this Title Node
  • for Messages with Public Tag: ☆ (Important) or ◇ (In Progress), ALL Origin, Recipient and CC Readers (exclude Ref Readers) can see these Messages under this Title Node. Hence, if we think a Message is important for all of its related readers, you can put the Message under this Node.
  • for Messages with Public Tag: ☆ (Important), these Messages show here ONLY for 30 days (compare with Message Info: Date Chop)
  • for Messages with Public Tag: ☆☆ (Very Important), these Messages will be shown here PERMANENTLY
  • EXCLUDE [Folder] or Message Status: Void or with Private Tag: ■ (Archived)


How can we can put Messages here?

  • manually:
    we can add Private Tag: ★, ◆ or Public Tag: ☆, ☆☆ manually by Message Action: Modify
  • by drag and drop:
    to drag the Message and drop on the Important Message (or Favorite Folder) node

Remark: we can drag the Message by:
1. dragging the Subject on Message Panel
2. dragging the Row No Button (refers to Figure: Record List Panel [no 6] in Record List Panel) of selected Messages in Message Box
3. dragging the selected Messages in Message Tree Diagram

Coming Event

[Events]/[Calendars] which are progressing or will be progressed today or tomorrow will be shown; for the Origin User, Recipient and CC Readers.

Remind Event / Task

Events or Tasks to be awared or handled IMMEDIATELY will be shown under this Title Node. There are serveral points to note:

  • for Recipient Readers, it shows the [Events], on or behind the Remind Date, should be awared or the [Tasks], on or behind the Due Date, should be handled IMMEDIATELY
  • for Origin or CC Readers, it shows the [Events], on or behind the Remind Date, are NOT all awared (ie the Message Status is NOT All Aware, hence some Recipient Readers are still NOT awared this [Event])
  • for Origin or CC Readers, it shows the [Tasks], on or behind the Due Date, are NOT all finished or closed (ie the Message Status is NOT All Finish or Closed, hence some Recipient Readers are still NOT finished this [Task] or this [Task] is still NOT closed)

Remark: the CC Readers can help the Origin to monitor the Message especially [Event] and [Task] Message

New / NOT All Read Message

New and NOT All Read Messages (past 30 days, max 50 items)

  • for Recipient or CC Readers, it shows the Messages have NOT yet read for past 30 days (compared with Date Chop)
  • for Origin Readers, it shows the Messages are NOT All Read (ie the Message Status is NOT All Read) for past 30 days
  • ONLY max 50 items shown in this Title Node

Favourite Folder

Favorite/Frequently used [Folder] Messages ([Folder] with Tag ★ or ☆)

  • it is very like Important Message node but ONLY for [Folder] Messages and NOT support Tags: ◆ and ◇ (these Tags is meaningless in [Folder])
  • ★ vs ☆, ☆ vs ☆☆ and how can we can put Messages at here is as same as the Important Message node


The new shares (User/Recipient Group/Contact) in past 7 days
it shows new created or modified User, Recipient Group and Contact in past 7 days (max 20 items for each)


Operations of Today Note

Figure: Operations of Today Note