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the backbone of our organization


It is special Firewall for intraComm which can filter Users and Client Computers to login the System.

About Hardware Id

It is a unique Id for Client Computer with pattern: ^_hw[0-9A-F]{8}$ eg _hw123456AB which is shown at Local Config ([Setting] > [Local Config])


ONLY the User with User Property: Firewall Admin can manage (add, modify and delete) Firewall ([Setting] > [Firewall]).


Firewall Type: There are two type of Firewalls:

  • Hardware Base: use to filter Client Computer
  • User Base: use to filter User

Remark: ONLY admin can create FIRST Hardware Base record because once Hardware Base record existed, Hardware Base Firewall starts to take effective ie ONLY the Client Computers in Hardware Base can login intraComm.

Hardware/User List:

  • for Hardware Base, input Hardware list: the computers can login intraComm;
  • for User Base, input User list: filter the Users depending on Hardware List at below

Description: description of the record eg Office Compuer No.3

Expiry Date: the date (reference to the Server, NOT support time zone) for the record will be expired.

Remark: if the record is expired, any login related the record will be BLOCKED

Hardware List: used for User Base ONLY. The user can use these listed computers to login, support following special values:

  • (blank): the user will be BLOCKED for using ANY computers
  • _ALL: the user can pass the Firewall for using ANY computers

Remark (HTML): the remark of the record, support HTML text