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the backbone of our organization


intraComm is bundled with English (langEN), Traditional Chinses (langTC) and Simplified Chinese (langSC). Languages can be changed anytime during use.

It is esay to add a new language for Users to choose without any programming.

For example, let us to add a new language Japanese, use JP to respresent it ie langJP, just add this new lanuage in following files:

  • Config_System.xml
  • Menu_Main.xml
  • Menu_ReportViewer.xml
  • TranslationDictionary_Client.xml
  • TranslationDictionary_Server.xml

and add new <EnumOption> item in following elements

  • eoLang
  • eoucLang

in Config_System.xml file.

The final step is restart the intraComm Server-side program.