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Local Config

Local Config: [Setting] > [Local Config]

It is used to configure the setting of Client Computer.

Image: Local Config

Hardware Id: it is read-only setting, used for setting of Firewall (if exists)

Language: to set the default Language used in this machine. It can be overrided by the Language setting in Personal Config

Remark: The System is built-in three sets of Lanuages: English, Traditional-Chinese and Simplified-Chinese. A new set of Lanuage eg Japanese can be add easily

Is Public Computer: it is important setting for safety

  • Yes (public computer): the Temp File (all cache info) will be DELETED automatically when logout, hence SLOWER but SAFE
  • No (private computer): the Temp File will NOT be deleted when logout, hence FASTER but other people used this computer may see the cached info

Remark: we can delete the Temp File manually by System > Clear Temp File (if necessary)

Client Region: the region code, can be looked up at, is just used for Weather Gadgets in Desktop Tools